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31/01/2020 News

Total Quadran inaugurates the first solar power plant with trackers on a retention basin in Occitania

On January 31, the Zabo retention basin solar power plant was inaugurated in the Béziers Ouest business area. This project shows our expertise: it was developed in constant compliance with environmental rules and provides for the establishment of ecological monitoring following its commissioning.

This inauguration took place in the presence of the Regional Councilor, Dolorès Roque, the Mayor of Béziers, Robert Ménard as well as two vice-presidents of the Agglomeration of Béziers Méditerranée delegated to energies, to the climate and to the energy transition as well as 'to the economy and employment.


This plant is the first in the retention basin with Occitania trackers, it will produce 4.8 GWh / year and will meet the electricity consumption needs of 2,600 inhabitants.

inauguration of zabo solar plant Béziers 
Ae of development is planned and work should start later this year.