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Asset management consists of managing the contractual and financial aspects of a portfolio of renewable assets, consolidate and analyze all production data, ensure their reporting and propose short, mid and long-term operating strategies.

Asset management is the one-stop shop interlocutor of the co-shareholders of projects.

In the operation-maintenance phase, asset management is a key cog to guarantee the optimal economics of the project or even better performance thanks to the most appropriate end-of-life strategy.
Two end-of-life strategies are possible:

  1. Dismantling
  2. Repowering


Like installation, removal is carried out in strict compliance with safety rules while limiting its environmental impact as much as possible. The goal is to return a site to a better condition than it was before construction.

A dismantling project is organized with the same rigor as a construction project.

Disconnected from the electricity grid, the assets are disassembled, sorted by components and then evacuated to specialized processing centers. For wind power, 98% of the components are recyclable and fed back into the economy.

For photovoltaics all components are recycled and reused.

TotalEnergies is a driving force behind the discussions to create a materials recovery sector, the stakes of which are growing, given the dismantling operations are set to increase in the coming years.


Opposite to popular belief, dismantling is not the only solution at the end of the asset life. Repowering consists of partially or totally replacing an electricity production plant with more efficient equipment in order to increase its output and reduce operating costs.

The new installation benefits from existing infrastructures (access, delivery substation, grid connection, etc.) and therefore leads to cost reduction in construction operations.

A consultation with the Military, the Air Traffic Control and an opinion from the Prefecture are needed to assess whether the changes in assets are substantial to determine the procedure to be followed in order to obtain authorization for repowering.

Since 2010, Total Quadran has repowered 7 plants:

Repowering of Goulien wind power plant

Goulien (Finistère): wind farm built in 2000,
repowering in 2018

Repowering of La Montagne wind power plant (Guadeloupe)

La Montagne in La Désirade (Guadeloupe),
built in 2000, repowering in 2018