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Operation and maintenance of green electricity production assets consist of:

  • Electricity production norms and regulations enforcement
  • Monitoring of production assets to identity defaults and production stoppages as well safety or environmental incidents
  • Acts remotely to solve most defaults
  • On-site corrective maintenance interventions, in strict compliance of the safety rules and with all the necessary habilitations
  • Innovate permanently to better anticipate, detect and solve defaults

To optimize production and ensure an extension of the life of the assets.

A global monitoring

The supervision of an electricity production asset consists of monitoring, in real time, its condition and being informed of any malfunction in order to take corrective measures (remotely or by triggering a maintenance intervention). This is only possible if the asset is connected through a PLC (SCADA) coupled to a robust communication system.

This supervision is provided all year round 24 hours a day in New Caledonia, Reunion, Metropolitan France and the Caribbean. In some areas of the French Overseas Territories, a dedicated protocol has been developed for monitoring tropical cyclones and operations to secure personnel and equipment.

A smart maintenance

Depending on the type of asset and their location, TotalEnergies elaborates a maintenance strategy that consists of choosing between outsourcing, internalization or hybridization. The objective is to be able to ensure, considering all the safety conditions, an efficient maintenance intervention with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

TotalEnergies relies above all on its engineering, mechanical and electrical maintenance skills to ensure the proper functioning of its assets and, when possible, to go beyond their estimated lifespan.

Preparing for interventions is a phase that is particularly worked on by TotalEnergies to limit the number of trips by technicians, thereby reducing the risk of incidents and limiting its carbon footprint. Our technicians are all authorized and receive the necessary training to intervene according to the best industry standards.

Respect of the environmental norms

During the operation phase, TotalEnergies works in the utmost respect of environmental protection norms, with a follow-up previously defined during the development stage by TotalEnergies Environment Division.