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The construction of a green electricity production asset follows 5 major steps:

  1. Preparation of access and terrain
  2. Receipt of equipment
  3. Installation
  4. Wiring and connection
  5. Commissioning 

Safety, local employment, respect of the environment and efficiency are our priorities.

To meet these fundamental requirements, TotalEnergies scrupulously selects partners who meet our standards. Whenever possible, TotalEnergies promotes the use of local resources.


These standards are integrated into an analysis grid of responses to our tenders.

TotalEnergies coordinates the construction, as delegated project management, to ensure compliance with safety rules, the environment, the construction schedule and the continuity of collaboration with all stakeholders in the territory.

An environmental follow-up, before, during and after each construction, is ensured by specialized consulting firm and supervised by TotalEnergies's environmental support department. Appropriate support or compensation measures are put in place, if necessary.

The installation is carried out in accordance with French standards. Throughout the duration of the work, a safety plan is implemented. An approved control office is tasked to guaranty the safety of the people and the assets.

The construction phase of a project stops once the asset is connected, received and commissioned


Fully conscious of its corporate responsibility, TotalEnergies constitutes its suppliers panel, production and electrical equipment, according to the reliability of their products, production standards, carbon footprint and their investment in sustainable development.

TotalEnergies works closely with TGP (Total Global Procurement) who has elaborated as qualification system of its suppliers for all activities.