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Corporate Social Responsability

At Total Quadran as at Total, safety is more than a priority, it is a true base that supports all of our activities. Our objective is simple: no lethality. Reaching it necessitates a continuous reinforcement of the safety culture that combines Prevention, Detection and Action. For the headquarter to the most remote territories, from top management to all employees and subcontractors, safety rules are applied without exemption.

sheep grazing

Total Quadran purpose is environmental: aside from the production of green electricity, our actions aim to reduce the carbon footprint of Man and to favor the development of biodiversity. We favor, for example, the maintenance of our power plants by eco-grazing rather than by mechanical means. We participate in the preservation of bees through the installation of protected hives on our photovoltaic plants and in some of our branches. Our hives are maintained by Total Quadran apprentice beekeepers who ensure the production of 100% eco-responsible honey.
Total Quadran endorses a local economic development approach by promoting cooperative and committed projects. We help communities and regions to operate an ambitious and sustainable energy transition, through public / private partnerships and attractive crowdfunding operations.