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Local Politician

True corner stone of the development of the renewable energies on a given territory, you are our privileged contact. We need to collaborate tightly to successfully complete the Energy Transition in your territory.

You and your citizens will thus be actors in increasing the share of green electricity in the energy mix.

As a promoter or a key stakeholder, your support to this local mutation is essential to the conception, the implementation and the materialization of the project.

We are fully aware of the load that you manage, as a local politician. Therefore, we will preselect aeras in which the development of a renewable energy project is possible and beneficial for all.



A wind project, in order to succeed, needs at first, to be accepted by the local politicians, assemblies and population. As a local politician, the question of developing of a wind project on your territory, requires concertation with all the stakeholders. In order to this, we support and supply you with all the documents which are needed to understand the different stakes of such a project in order to receive an approval of the people representatives.

Through the entire process, we keep you informed of the progress and we involve you in the development and construction phases.

The town will benefit from additional property and tax incomes in direct link to the size of the project. 
Our philosophy is, above all, based on partnership. It is from dialogue and consultation that the best projects arise.


solar types

TotalEnergies develops three kind of projects:

  • Ground-mounted solar power plant
  • Rooftops
  • PV Shade house (parking lots or agricultural)

TotalEnergies gives you the opportunity to value unexploited surfaces:

  • Municipal land (quarries and landfills)
  • Rooftops on building own by the town
  • Building of Shade House over parking lots owned by the city

Working with TotalEnergies not only makes you a renewable energy player but also allows you to increase the land revenues of your municipality.


hydroelectric dam total quadran

Hydraulic resource is the most common source of renewable energy in the world. With over 20% of installed capacity in France, hydroelectricity production is the country second source for electricity production. 

In mainland France, there are currently close to 2000 hydroelectric power plants, mostly run-of-river with very limited impact on the ecosystem.

All hydraulic project, like wind and PV, is accompanied by environmental measures following impact studies.

One of our trademarks is our quasi-unique in-house expertise in the analysis of the hydraulic resource and the environmental impacts.

TotalEnergies accompanies the public or private sponsors throughout the project, from design to commissioning. We also offer technical expertise missions, environmental studies, and EPC management.

TotalEnergies is with you for all your hydraulic projects:

  • Design of hydraulic structure, hydroelectric plant, fish crossing and water work management
  • Impact studies, landscape studies, fish inventory & watercourse development plan
  • Administrative support to obtain the proper authorizations (building, grid connection, construction)
  • Project management