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The production of green energy contributes both to the fight against global warming and to adding value to businesses. Depending on their geographic location, the unused areas of your buildings and land can become a source of additional income. In order to estimate the potential of your sites, TotalEnergies invites you to connect to our simulation tool 
If your property is eligible for the development of a solar project, our teams will contact you to discuss the opportunities that are open to your business.

TotalEnergies offers different options:

  • Injection
  • Self-consumption


The basic principle of self-consumption is the consumption of its own produced green electricity and in the reduction pf its energy bill.

The quantity of electricity produced on site is subtracted to the electricity from the distribution network. On the contrary, the electricity which is not consumed is sold and injected into the distribution grid. 

The reduction of the energy bill is instantaneous. TotalEnergies pays for the installation and proposes a cost of energy 10 to 20% cheaper than the one from the grid.

The installation is provided to you turnkey, incorporating all the constraints related to your activities.

We favor the installation of very high efficiency solar panels, and we ensure the performance of the plant throughout its life cycle.

Self-consumption contributes to an eco-responsible approach for businesses and society. 

Corporate Price Purchase Agreement (CPPA)

Amongst TotalEnergies various solutions, the CPPA allows companies to better control their energy bill. Our CPPA is a contract between TotalEnergies to your company. In general, there is an additional balancing contract between the network aggregator and the producer when it supports the cost of balancing. 

TotalEnergies proposes Sleeved CPPA for which the production assets are located, or not, where the production will be consumed. For assets located outside the site of consumption, the contract sets a fixed quantity of energy over several years which is subtracted to the electricity supply.

This supply is organized around existing or future production assets
These contracts secure your green electricity supply at a set price. Thus, you are able to better control your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our energy efficiency solutions

Total Quadran, and its partners from TotalEnergies, proposes a wide array of solutions in order to reduce the energy bill, adjust the consumption and limit the carbon footprint.

TotalEnergies Low Carbon Solutions propose a full support and innovative solutions based on the integration of different TotalEnergies's low carbon solutions and from other partners (green electricity production, storage, energy efficiency, green hydrogen, CO2 capture, …)

LCS offer includes :

  • Design of a full solution
  • Strategy and solution to operate the assets
  • An economic model linked to the objectives
  • Asset operation